The Profit Coach for Creatives

While your creative brain is thinking of a thousand and one ideas per second, my little analytical brain is scouting, processing, and analyzing all the red flags and financial roadblocks.

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

I’m Geily

Pronounced just like Hailey, natively from Cuba, yes, born and raised, hence the spelling of my name y hablo perfecto Español! 

I’m all about those numbers, sales strategies, and goal crushing! Which makes me, the gal behind it all at Cutting Edge! Think of me as your personal trainer, but for your business, making sure you’re hitting your targets, pushing the junk out you, and whipping that business into shape! 

On a mission: To help YOU, my awesome,  #creativeboss, tackle EVERY aspect needed to make your business profitable!

This Number's Queen is the proud recipient of a Business Administration with concentration in Finance degree from the one and only Florida International University ((FIU) — where’re my panthers at?). So, you can already imagine that to continue working at my corporate job was my only option thereafter and so I thought, until my husband mentioned something that blew me out of the water! Being a creative himself and the proud recipient of not one, but two creative degrees, (I’ve got a graphic designer and a photographer all in one, it doesn’t get better than that!), hubby needed help with #allthethings business/finances and I begin to realize that while this was super easy for me, it was extremely complex for him. I’ll let you in on our little conversation!


Him: “When you go to school for anything creative, be it graphic design, photography, film, ect. they don’t teach you all these things. You learn your trade and that’s about it”. 

Me: “You mean to tell me that there’s a whole bunch of super talented creatives out there who own their own creative hustles, struggling just ‘cause they don’t know how in the world to come up with some awesome marketing strategies, or how to actually plan out their financial goals, or strategize their sales, or even make money from it”



This right here was definitely my “AHA” moment!

I begin to take all of my God-given gift, knowledge, and resources and geared them towards helping as many creatives as I possibly could. Since then, I’ve been able to help creatives, just like you, take the crazy-hot-mess "business" side of their business into something they’ve seen results in.



Wanna know the best part ?

 My clients don’t just love what I do for them, but they love ME!

"… Geily was so helpful!"
- Ellie, Lily and Grey

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"… honest, heartfelt, and meaningful support (our meetings felt more like a conversation between friends instead of a business discussion)."
- Kendra, Humble & Whole

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"… she loves what she does and has amazing customer service."
- Diana, Diana Bello Studio

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"… I LOVED our session together…"
- Jenna, J. Lynn Designery

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