Hey, Creative Boss!

You want to take your business to the next level, right? 


Problem is... you've got a million ideas but can't figure out...

How to go from point A to point B


How to accommodate new ideas into your current business structure (existing packages/services, pricing, promos, layout...) or how to come up with something completely different and new


How to launch something new, market, and target it to a whole new audience 


How to enter the *world of passive income* in your own way


How to get out of your own mind (you're all wrapped up in your ideas that the only thing you can think of is "getting there" but not "how to actually get there")


How to get unstuck (you're totally stuck in brainstorming mode, can't even organize your thoughts, and are just trying to finally land a plan and strategy)


How to make an impact in a way you can still make a profit


How to align your goals to your business structure and make them happen


How to overcome the overwhelm (you've got so much to do but don't even know where to start, you end up giving up on it  and say "anybody want coffee?" "Cause coffee fixes everything, we know!) 


And well, ultimately, how to scale and grow your creative business

Like many of my clients, you're probably saying... "If only I could just dump it all, all my frazzled ideas, all my questions, all the roadblocks (that keep me from finally executing), and get it all into an action plan that makes sense to me and that I'm accountable to, then, I'll be able to get from Point A to Point B!"

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Hi! I'm Geily...

Don't let that spelling trip you up- it's pronounced just like Hailey! I'm so excited you stopped by! And just in case you haven't figured it out... I'm the business coach behind it all here at Cutting Edge!

I approach coaching from a very distinctive angle! It's all strategy with growth in mind! 

Let's Establish your goals, end-vision, and what matters to you.

Let's Restore the pieces that might have been missed or overlooked along the way

Let's Build, from a stable and restored foundation, a profitable, scalable, and sustainable business.

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

The moment your creativity & my *analytical brain* combine, AH-MAZING things happen!


Word on the street is..