The Profit Coach for Creatives


Profit Coaching for
Creative Bosses


You mean to tell me that...

There’s a whole bunch of super talented creatives out there who own their own creative hustles, struggling just ‘cause they don’t know in the world to come up with some awesome marketing strategies
....or how to actually plan out their financial goals
or strategize their sales
or even make money from it?

Nodding your head like yeah, I’m one of them?


Well, its time to put that behind us!
‘Cause you’re ready to invest in your biz and make it grow like never before!

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

So this whole coaching thing is actually super fun! I’ve heard from more than one client, they’ve actually enjoyed it! *gasp* I know!!

In fact, many have found such clarity and hope (hence, the name) in their business knowing that the best was yet to come! Are you ready to do the same?

This package is 100% tailored to YOU if:

  • You’re ready to recognize (just a little bit of tough love we do around here) there are broken links in your business that need some serious fixing! There are just a couple of fires you should put out, for your business to be at its full potential! 
  • You're ready to have someone there to help you navigate this whole boss thing while making sure your business stays (or gets) organized and making some money. That's right, I'll review your current financials, process, and workflow!
  • You know your business needs something new, maybe there's a brand new product/service you've been meaning to put out but are just not sure how to go about it. Well, now you can 'cause, product launches and even current product development, are my jam, girl!
  • You know you'd like to upgrade or completely revise your current offerings, and are super ready to go for it. I tell ya, Packaging + Pricing are one of my favorite things! Every single one of my clients has totally come alive during this stage of the coaching process. Ready to refocus your passions and translate them into packages that sell?   
  • You’re in desperate need of setting up (+ accomplishing, duh) some DREAMY goals, that for once have a sales plan behind them and can translate to “happy business, happy life”!
  • You know there's gotta be better marketing and sales strategies out there, you've tried SO many of them but nothing's really worked. Guess what, girl, I can walk you through exactly what'll help your business excel!
  • You’re tired, actually exhausted, of all those ups and downs, one month you’re banking, and the next you’re questioning if you should even be in business. This one, my friend, is called “a cashflow problem”!
  • You ready to stop treating your business as your “emergency piggy bank”, you know what I mean, you need money so guess what, it’s time for another transfer/withdrawal, am I right, or am I right?
  • You’re ready to start preparing for tax time year around (don't’ worry, I’ve got an awesome system), rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off, yet another year! UGH! 


There’s soooo much more but I’d probably bore you if I keep going, but this is the last one that kind of encompasses them all :

THIS IS FOR YOU if you’re MORE THAN READY to start making wiser and strategic decisions from a fresh perspective!

Untitled design-9.png

Proof that it's not all that bad! 

They totally loved it, and so will you!

alex i lady and co

Geily literally swooped in like my fairy godmother and saved my biz booty 3 months ago when we first met. Since then, she has helped me gain more confidence in my work, refocus my passions, and set (and achieve) massive goals that I know I wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach. She used a "facts and figures" approach in a heartfelt way that helped my creative mind take my business more seriously. She is seriously one of a kind, and I am glad to say I have gained a business and real-life friend in the process!

megan i firebrand collective

This is best said simply: I do not know how I ran my business without Geily's expertise. Prior to meeting her I thought I had a solid handle on my business finances, but reached out for a consultation anyway. I am so glad I did. In less than an hour, I had questions I didn't know to ask before our chat began. Working with Geily is easily the best investment I have ever made for my business. She is not simply a financial advisor - she's a financial strategist!

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re ready to invest in your biz and tackle this TOGETHER!


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