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I get it! You've got this awesome idea but you're not sure how to make it come ALIVE! 


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You've been thinking about it for a while but haven’t been able to actually execute on it, right?! If so, keep reading, 'cause, this is for YOU! 

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

This is your chance to hatch it all out with me!


 So, keep scrolling...


I loved my "Idea Audit" call with Geily! I'm an ideas person and often get carried away with making things more complicated than they should be. Geily helped me refine my idea and simplify it, to ensure it'll be something people are excited to purchase. I had some great "aha" moments on the call and have a lot more clarity after just 30 minutes together!

Lauren B. i Bosscation

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Here's exactly what it'll look like and what you'll get: 

During the audit, I’ll let you dump it all on me (all the mess and clutter) and then, after you've talked your creative mind out... I will:

  • Give you my point of view (an outsider's perspective is always a fresh perspective!)
  • Go over a couple of things to consider (that you might’ve overlooked)
  • Compartmentalize and prioritize every idea ('cause, let's be honest, chances are, it'll be more than one idea, and that's ok!)
  • Start talking about an execution plan

Speaking with Geily about my upcoming  launch was so refreshing. She was able to quickly reign in my creative all-over-the-place mind and provided a simple breakdown of where to start and how to set up for success from the get-go. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Masha b.

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Sounds like something you NEED, WANT, ARE DYING FOR?!

Say no more!

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I wish I would have booked an idea audit sooner! As a serial brainstormer and to-do list maker, I had spent months trying to hash out a plan to make my new shiny idea for my business become a reality. But in just 30 minutes, Geily took my idea, created an action plan, and helped me weed through the fluff so I knew exactly what of focus on and when. She is the perfect analytical complement to my creative brain. Worth every penny and then some!

Alex l. i Lady and co creative

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