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Hi! I'm Geily...

Don't let that spelling trip you up- it's pronounced just like Hailey! I'm so excited you stopped by! I'm the gal behind it all here at Cutting Edge!

I'm your Number's Queen (as I'm commonly known around here) or more officially "The Profit Coach for Creatives"! I'm a Business Coach but SO not your regular business coach, babe! I come into your biz and tackle EVERY aspect needed to make your business profitable, hence the title! 

Why do I work with creatives? "Cause, honestly, y'all are the best(!), but more seriously though, 'cause, I know y'all so well! See, I'm married to a creative myself, so that means I know, firsthand, the struggle is real when it comes to those numbers, sales strategies, goals, and #allthethings growing your creative hustle!

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

Chances are...

You're here 'cause there's a little (or huge, no judgment!) piece of your business that's just totally over
your head


... umm, the money making piece, that is! Ya know, the marketing & sales strategies, the financial goals, the packaging & pricing, need I continue? 

You might even feel super overwhelmed and continue to avoid dealing with it week after week. You might not even know where start, hence the constant procrastination! Not to worry, all you need is little bit of hope and a whole lot of strategies to get out of that weird funk and upscale your creative hustle! You’ve come to the PERFECT place!


I LOVE working with small business owners just like YOU!

Taking them and their businesses from hot mess to all-composed-growing-and-ready-to-make-some-serious-mullah! 


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