Profit-focused Business Coaching for the Creative Boss!


Hi! I'm Geily...

Don't let that spelling trip you up- it's pronounced just like Hailey! I'm so excited you stopped by! I'm the business coach behind it all here at Cutting Edge!

I approach coaching from a very distinctive angle, your profit! Based on what your profit tells me (whether you're making money or not, or want to make more) together, we:

1. Establish your goals, end-vision, and what matters to you

2. Restore the broken pieces back to their original intent, whether that'd be your costs, prices, packages, vendors, team, or anything at all

3. Build from a stable and restored foundation, a profitable, scalable, and sustainable business

Cutting Edge I The Profit Coach for Creatives

What do you do exactly? Do you go over...


Your financial reports? Your current offerings? Your prices and sales strategies? Ways to scale your business and launch new offerings? Ways to niche down and focus? Profit goals?

 Check, check, and check! 

You’ve come to the PERFECT place!

The moment your creativity & my *analytical brain* combine, AH-MAZING things happen!


Word on the street is..