Let's set that FINANCIAL record straight...(+FREEBIE!)


I know, I know, all your creative to-do's would win every time if stacked up against the "boring" financials BUT they're a necessary "evil"!

I get it though, where do you even start, right?

Well, that's exactly why I've created my very own Financial Checklist!

 - From: Your Profit Coach

 - To: My Favorite Creatives

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...Here are a couple of reasons why you should get in on this, just in case you need more convincing... Unless, you're like me and you're saying "gimme, gimme!", then you, my dear, can scroll all the way to the end of this post to grab your FREE copy!


1 | Ready to have a guide?

So, like I said before, I know that probably 80% of the procrastination, when it comes to dealing with that business side/financial side/money side of your creative hustle, is not even knowing where the heck to begin! Am I right or what? That being said, that's the first reason you should get in on this! It's not just a checklist y'all, it's a total guide! I give you all the explanations/details you need, not just a box you can checkmark. Plus, I share some pro tips, such as free apps/softwares!


2 | Order and SIMPLICITY

What I love about this checklist is that it's in order! That's right, I list the steps you should take one after another. This makes for an easy-to-follow flow, making it a breeze to know that your business is getting on the right track (financially speaking) one step at a time. No overwhelming all-at-once type of steps here. Oh, and also, it's as beautifully designed as it's easy to understand and follow - no huge and confusing financial terms up in here! Nope, this checklist has the "Cutting Edge" stamp of approval - simple and innovative, with YOU, the creative CEO, in mind! So, proceed boldly! 


3 | That's what you get

What you get is a system that works and keeps you on your toes. After downloading and checkmarking (a.k.a implementing) the steps outlined, you should expect to have your business finances set and separated from your personal finances (this is one of the steps, so that's a freebie - no, but seriously, it's a major step!), you should expect to have some sort of financial tracking system in place (this is where some of those free apps come into play), and last but not least, you should be on your way to getting some cost, pricing, marketing and goal plan set up! 

What do you say? You ready to download this thing?