Creative Series: From Stay-At-Home Mom to Mompreneur


I’m Nataleigh and here’s a story of how I went from a Stay-At-Home Mom to Mompreneur in 7 shorts months!!


My family and I relocated this past summer from Maryland to Georgia and in between the midst of our crazy move I found myself more in a rut than ever before. Even though we moved for a fresh start, I felt lost, stuck and wondering what was next for me? Was this my life….a stay-at-home mom, cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids and my husband?

As much as I love being a nurturer and taking care of everyone and everything, it wasn’t cutting it for me. I yearned to feel validation on a different level. A level I had yet to experience or explore. A couple weeks into our move, my husband started his new job and I was home alone with the kids - Hales 5 and Wyatt 2 - and a house to unpack… it was chaos!

Up until this point I had lived most of my life hidden from the world, afraid to speak my mind, feeling unworthy of the life I wanted so badly to be living. Things began to change though just a few short weeks into our move. I remember so vividly the day everything changed! 

I was sitting in my car talking to my sister on the phone about how I needed to start looking for a job because we seriously needed the money. I broke down in tears and basically had a pity party for myself. But she wouldn’t let me stay down, instead she gave me the push I needed to finally go into business for myself. I began on my new journey, even though at the time I didn’t know what the heck I was doing!


The hardest decision was the simplest of all….deciding to start!


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I navigated my way into the online space, mainly Facebook and Instagram. I still didn’t have a clue about where to start but I joined groups, started networking with other people, companies and entrepreneurs and just trying to make connections and get my first client. 

I hired a mentor in late September and had huge shifts in my mindset, how I valued myself and my capabilities. She helped me to see that everything I needed to be the best version of myself was already in me. I had to bust through the fear, the doubts, the self limiting beliefs to really let my truest self shine. 

Once I started doing the inner work, everything else just fell into place. I’ve learned how to attract my ideal clients while being authentic and true to who I am. I don’t wonder if I’m worth the life I want to be living because I know I am…we all are! I’ve signed on at least one new client a month, November I signed on 3 and December was my best month yet and January is on it’s way to top that!

Looking back now, I cannot believe how much has changed in 7 months compared to my 29 years on earth. Life opens up when you say YES! But you have to DECIDE and have complete faith that everything will work out, BECAUSE IT WILL!


Tips on How I went from a Stay at Home Mom to Mompreneur:


| stopped buying into the stories that I grew up believing

- I don’t deserve it.

- I’m not worthy enough.

- Doubting myself and all the decisions I had to make. 


| hired a Mentor

I hired a mentor in the very early stages of my business. I felt so called to work with the mentor I hired and knew that I needed to invest in myself. I was soooo ready for a change and knew I needed to get out of my own way. We worked so much of the inner work which made it even easier to trust myself and the decisions I was making in my biz.


| just show up

I show up for myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Being consistent in everything I do. I finally let myself shine and trust in knowing what I’m good at. The quicker you realize that no one can do you like you do you will be a game changer. You are uniquely you!


no comfort zone here

Get comfortable being uncomfortable! Do things that make you afraid…where you’d once retract and keep yourself playing small, you instead face it because you know you’re so ready to change and grow.

Here are some examples:

- Facebook Live

- Promoting your services confidently

- Hop on discovery calls!

- Share stories about yourself, people want to know who they’re working with

- Engage in Facebook groups, show who you are personally and with your biz


get out of your own head

Get the idea out of your head that you need to do “this” before you can do “that.” 

I didn’t have a website when I started my business, I didn’t grow my email list and it didn’t cost me any money to start my business. I simply showed up for myself as my truly authentic self and my clients gravitated towards that. I am just now starting to build my website and it feels like it’s happened very organically like I’m finally at the point in my business where I need and want one!


If I did it, you can do it.


Wasn't that an awesome post? Nataleigh's post was so encouraging and driven! I loved having her on here giving us her story and most importantly, her awesome tips for how she did it, so you can do it, too! Anyway, it's time to tie this awesome post to your bottom line, ya know, your sales and profits.

I'll start by telling you that my favorite tips were hiring a mentor and just showing up! Well, for starters, hiring a mentor/coach, even at the very early stages of your business, is one of the best investments you'll probably ever make. Again, it's an investment, which usually is not cheap, but, you do ger a huge return on that investment, so keep that in mind! See, starting out, we may not know exactly the steps to take to make it work, having someone there to lead and guide you, will be life changing! This is what I call, the benefit of knowing what's around the corner - this mentor/coach you decide to invest in, comes with this benefit; she/he is there to see what you can't see and guide you to your destination. I can speak straight from experience, girl, 'cause I'm actually a business coach (with a financial edge, of course), myself!

I also loved her "just show up" tip - this one was my favorite. Especially for us, perfectionists (takes one to know one!), we often think, "we'll start/launch once we've got it all together. Truth is, you may never get it "all together" but just by showing up consistently you've already made SO much progress! This may not even cost you a dime, so find ways in which you can show up, just like Nataleigh did. Social media (Facebook page + Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) is free, so if you can't afford a designer, copywriter, branding expert, or website platform just yet, take advantage of ALL social media has to offer, show up, and start somewhere! 

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My name is Nataleigh Griffith and I run my own company as a Virtual Assistant. When I’m not at home, working on the computer, it’s all about time with my family! I’ve been married to my husband, Sean for 3 years and we have two crazy, beautiful kids, Haleigh is 5 and Wyatt is 2. We crave a life of adventure! On nice days you can find us Geo Caching, bike riding or at the beach. I love coffee, traveling, food and taking new workout classes. Next month also starts my journey as an instructor for a local Fit4Mom franchise. Life is ahhhmazing! 

My website is under construction, so for now you can find me on: IG @