Creative Series: Dramatically increase your newsletter conversions with this one simple strategy


When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?

And I don’t mean that one time when you had the flu (but continued working, because #bosslife) and you sneezed on your computer and the velocity of your virus resulted not only in snot snowballs splattered on your precious screen but also the accidental click of a – gasp – banner ad.

What? Just me?

Okay, now, when was the last time you clicked on a link in a newsletter? My guess is that it was a lot more recently.

Didn’t it feel better to just read that? Clicked on a link in a newsletter. So simple. So refreshing. So natural.

And that, my clever reader, is just one of the reasons why I’m so gung ho about newsletter marketing. 

In today’s article, I’m going to quickly walk you through the other reasons why newsletters make my marketing muscles do a happy dance. Plus I’ll share a simple strategy to help you get muchos subscribers. MUCHOS!


... a simple strategy to help you get muchos subscribers. MUCHOS!


Let’s do this.

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| Why newsletter marketing is brilliant for your business

  • By giving you a platform to consistently and meaningfully communicate with your audience, newsletter marketing allows you to build a strong relationship with your target market.
  • Newsletter marketing is exceptionally budget-friendly. Unlike other forms of marketing (like TV, radio, direct mail and advertising), you can reach a potentially huge audience for next to nothing, depending on the mail provider you use. I use Mailchimp, and I’ve yet to spend a dollar with them. Speaking of which... 

  • Newsletter marketing converts like crazy. According to research from the Direct Marketing Association, two out of three peeps have made a purchase online because of an email marketing message.

  • Campaign Monitor also showed that for every one dollar spent on email marketing, businesses get a return on investment of $44!

  • Newsletter marketing is one of the most consistently seen digital marketing platforms. ExactTarget research revealed that 91 percent of peeps (so, like, most of us) checked their email at least once a day.

Feeling like maybe you need to get some eyeballs and click-happy fingertips in your mailing list stat? I gotchu.


And the secret to dramatically increase your newsletter conversions? ... Upgrade content!

| Wait, what is upgrade content?

If you’re familiar with a typical content marketing sales funnel, then you know that first you want to attract your target customer’s attention with a read magnet (usually a blog post or social media post) and then you want to gently usher them onto your mailing list with a lead magnet, which is a high-value freebie. Okay, okay. It’s totally a bribe.

Now clever marketers and businesses have been putting this high-value freebie at the end of their blog posts for a while now.

Which is good. But... we can do better.

Because by the time somebody has gotten to the bottom of your blog post, we know three things:

  1. They like you. Hey, they invested time in checking out your content! That’s pretty cool.
  2. They like your content. They’ve given your blog precious minutes of their time because it’s a topic that’s relevant to them.
  3. You can now predict further content that they’ll LOVE. Which means you can be super strategic.


And this is where the magic of upgrade content comes in.

| Upgrade content is a super relevant and related lead magnet that gives your audience an opportunity to learn more/level-up in the area they’ve just read about.

For example, let’s say I wrote a blog post on ‘how to identify your target market’.

Now, I know that if somebody is reading that article, they’re likely struggling to come up with a clear picture of whom they want to sell to.

So, what I can do (and what I did) is send them to upgrade content that continues the journey and helps them easily flesh out their target market.

This not only makes them feel like I care about their success – which I totally do – but it also builds a closer relationship with them, showcases my expertise AND gets their pretty name on my mailing list!


Win, win, win! 


And because it’s adding value and helping your audience, it’s the ultimate marketing-that-feels-good solution. Phew, huh?

How to use upgrade content in your business

At the end of every blog post, ask yourself:

  • What do I now know about my audience?
  • What is the next logical step for my audience to take?

  • How can I further support them in their journey?

You can then blend this knowledge with your expertise to come up with upgrade content that is clever, loaded with value and positions you as an expert and authority.


You probably don’t need to create upgrade content for every single blog post you write (it might get a little exhausting for you and your audience), so I would focus on creating a content series. This is a series of related blog posts that you can tie-in with your upgrade content and still have it be super relevant.


And voila – supercharged blog content and an irresistible pathway to dramatically increasing your newsletter conversions!


Well done, you.

Wasn't that an awesome post? Cass definitely brings some great ideas to the table! I had so much fun working on this one with her! She's just a copywriting genius! Anyway, it's time to tie this awesome post to your bottom line, ya know, your sales and profits. So, what does increasing your newsletter conversions have anything to do with your business, how it sells and performs? Well, for starters, we could just revisit the stats up at the very top, especially, that return on investment one, that's probably my favorite! So, it's marketing, and marketing is short for getting the word out about your business and services/products, right? Well, a business that doesnt market, is one that's probably in HUGE trouble! When was the last time you saw a Comcast or Apple commercial, definitely not years ago, right? Chances are you saw you earlier today or sometime this week, and that's because even the big guys know that marketing doesn't stop, or else sales tend to slack off. So, with that said, those sign ups more often than not, turn into clients, which is exactly what you want!  

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Cassandra Lane is the owner and chief copywriter at Wild Spirit Co., a boutique creative copywriting agency that fist-bumps with women looking for words that woo and copy that converts. Stuff she’s awesome at: Website copywriting, blog content, sales funnel copywriting, sales page copywriting and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. Stuff she sucks at: Remembering where she left her phone, making eye contact with humans when there’s an adorable pooch around, and numbers. Just. Numbers.

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