Creative Series: What's Holding YOU Back?

As two branding and marketing pros, we sat down with aspiring entrepreneurs to ask them a few simple questions to help us discover the type of brand they wanted to create for their business.  

Here’s what happened: The conversations flowed effortlessly. These women had incredible ideas they were passionate about and when prompted correctly in a casual, friendly setting they could talk about it for days.

No, we DID NOT ask the dreaded, “what do you do?” Cue increased heart rate, sweaty palms and lengthy incomprehensible rambling as the other person’s eyes glaze over...


We DID ask questions like:

  • How did you become interested in what you are doing?
  • What do you love about it?
  • Who do you love helping and why?

Great! But no website? No social media pages? No followers? Why hadn’t they put themselves out there yet? Starting to sound familiar?


Here’s the problem: These women had no idea how to actually take their ideas and turn them into a cohesive and effective brand; a brand they loved, that clearly communicated their message and, most importantly, a brand that attracted their dream clients.

They needed a brand they felt confident about and connected to.


They were stuck, and so was their bottom line.


This was an incredible discovery! Despite these absolutely amazing, passionate and driven women having the desire and the ideas that could impact others in a hugely positive way, THEY HADN'T PUT THEM OUT THERE YET!

This was a complete travesty in our minds! We wanted to help! The world needed what they had! In fact it lit the fire under us to start our second company, NatPark Collective.

These women could have already been serving clients and been well on their way to living a life of freedom and fulfilment on their own terms and their own schedules, with a thriving and successful business!

Here’s what we found was holding many of them back from putting themselves out there:

  • Fear of what everyone would think; hello family, friends, colleagues, heck even Facebook high school friends! (Psst… it really doesn’t matter!)
  • Perfectionism (set realistic goals, identify your must haves, and more tips here)
  • Fear of failure test
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of starting a business and not knowing where exactly to start (Psst… little steps add up to BIG progress)
  • Little to now money to invest (You can do a lot of it yourself with the right tips and guidance)
  • Frustration over lack of time, resources and deciding what to prioritize
  • Not 100% clear on target audience (Psst.. you are not alone!)
  • Not being able to do it as well as other women they see online (Psst.. don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle)

The truth? It’s not as scary or overwhelming, or expensive as you may think.


There are many people out there, like us, who have been in your shoes. Who struggled for waaaayyyy longer than they’d like to admit to get themselves out there and who refuse to let another woman with her beautiful ideas that this world needs, suffer any longer.

Don’t wait another six months or even a year (!) to get this branding piece of the puzzle D.O.N.E.


Your paying clients are waiting for you!


So, if you:

  • have ideas for your branding but you need help turning them into something cohesive and consistent that your clients will love,
  • already started to create your brand, but don’t feel connected to it and you are a little unclear on your messaging and if it relates well enough to your target clients,
  • feel like not being clear on your brand and how to talk about your business is holding you back,
  • want to attract more paying clients now so you need to look professional and legit ASAP, 
  • wish you could just outsource this all to the pros, but you have little to no budget (Plus you’ve done everything else yourself so far and things are coming together), or
  • need to focus on building your business and bringing in cash flow, you know your brand is important and you just need to get it done without paying thousands of dollars,

…know that help is out there and that it might just be easier, faster and less expensive than you think to get yourself out there and move from struggle to success!

Wasn't that an awesome post? Gill of NatPark Collective is right on the money, guys! It's so true that not having a cohesive and effective brand affects your bottom line BIG TIME! I've experienced this myself (up close and personal, y'all), that's exactly why coming this new year, the Cutting Edge you know will cease and give room to the NEW and Improved, better than ever - Cutting Edge (coming to you this 2018!!) Anyway, the moment I started to work with my branding coach, I noticed the difference - even my sales noticed the difference ;) (!) So if, you feel like your business is just not there with it's branding, like Gill said - don't wait, 'cause there's paying clients on the other side of your investment. Reviewing my client's website (portal to the world and allllll potential clients) is one of the things I work on with my clients for this very reason - if your branding isn't there, it may not be your services or your prices that's affecting your profits. It may be something as simple as not making the connection with your target audience. Changing up the services you offer and lowering those prices, is not a one-size-fits-all type of solution and it definetly doesn't always guarantee paying clients coming through the "doors" .  

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Tegan and Gill met in Dubai in 2009 and now live in Vancouver, Canada. They are moms who know too well that life is short and shouldn't be wasted sitting on the sidelines. They decided they wanted to make a difference in their our lives AND the lives of others, leading by example to encourage their children to dream big and believe that anything is possible. They left their corporate careers and combined their skills to create NatPark Collective. A platform to help women build businesses they love in order to live a life of freedom and fulfillment on their own terms.They provide tips, tools, strategies, support and inspiration through their online community. Their branding and business coaching packages help women build a solid foundation for success.


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