Creative Series: From Full Time Employment to Your Dreamy Creative Hustle!


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt as a creative freelancer is that there is a huge leap from full time employment to having your own business and it’s vital to have a stopgap between the two. 

Unfortunately, I learnt this lesson the hard way. While I had some savings, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of real, hard hustle it takes to get the clients you want and need. So what did I do? I hustled even harder to find related work in my field that could pay until I found my dream clients. 

 ... Here’s how I did it!

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I’m a videographer and video editor by trade so for me, I wanted small online jobs that I could do from home whilst I worked on my business, and had three main methods for finding these jobs. 

1. Facebook groups - I joined a few ‘I need an Editor’ type groups on Facebook designed for video freelancers and managed to secure several small jobs through this method, that are tiding me over whilst I work on my business.

2. Twitter - by searching ‘Video Editor, London’, I could immediately find people and jobs that were relevant to my field of work. Twitter is also a great way to meet people online and expand your network, and I've loved speaking to other creatives using this platform.

3. Utilizing my current network - A few months ago I invested in a Creative Coach, possibly the best thing I’ve done to date for my business. It was my coach who set me up with some exciting jobs at her workplace which then led to meeting more people and more jobs! 


The Point is...

Whilst I’m not yet up and running and making the money I'd like, I now have enough to get by whilst I work on setting up my website, finalizing my services and sourcing my dream clients.  

You should never let finance get in the way of creating your perfect business. There is always a way; as long as you look hard enough and are ready to put yourself out there, you will inch yourself ever closer to the business of your dreams!

Wasn't that an awesome post? I loved collaborating with Lizzie of Blix Creative on this one and couldn't agree more with her! Part of coaching my 9-5 clients (still working their 9-5 and their biz at the same time but really wanting to take that leap) is helping them make the shift from full time employment to creative hustle by setting goals with very specific plan and timeframe for being able to leave that dreaded 9-5 and go all #boss! Being able to have Lizzie share her own tips for how she did it (and is still doing it), was awesome! Just like she said, finances should never stop you, part of being an awesome creative entrepreneur is finding ways around every obstacle! 

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A little bit about Lizzie of Blix Creative!

In Summer 2017 I left my dream job in the Magazine industry to pursue a love affair with my camera. My passion is capturing a moment in a truly beautiful way and my goal is to help other creative women with their business through stunning content. Currently I am working as a videographer and video editor but starting up my youtube channel which aims to educate on all things content creation - from shooting in 'slo-motion' to setting up the perfect lighting. You can find me on, chat with me on and watch me on the Blix Creative Youtube channel!


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